Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Copper Commentary Special - The Pocket Posse 1-80 Leveling Challenge, part one

In a topic relating to an offhand comment I made in my last post, I mentioned having more time than money and therefore more ability to level alts. Well, while looking over the BlizzCon forums (Since for some reason this year I want to get much more involved in the community) I came across this thread and decided that I would participate and document my adventures in my blog. And so, therefore, I present to you...

Zyrinxie the Warlock! /cheer

Now, in the spirit of a challenge, I rolled on the server of the person hosting the challenge, which is Doomhammer. I don't know anyone on Doomhammer, I have no gold and all my heirlooms are on Moon Guard. So therefore, we take our gear upgrades where we can get them. 

Wait, this has MORE armor than my other robe? 

As soon as I was able, I bought my Imp summon. I gotta admit, I like it being buyable as opposed to something I have to do a quest for. Although 95c can be kinda...expensive. 

And then I end up with an imp named Quzqua. I call him QQ for short. 

But QQ is as steadfast a demon that any beginning Warlock could ask for, complaining all the while while I let the beasts kill -him- instead of -me-. Fantastic. 
QQ even helped me fool that silly dwarf!

I'm not sure I feel right about bribing that other guy with booze...ah, what do I care? I do bad things, I'm a warlock. Fooling an alcoholic dwarf to switch out booze is -nothing- compared with ripping people's souls out their nose.  

And what do we do with souls?
Yeah, it's like that. 

So Zyrinxie is now level 10 and I will certainly be working on Part two, 11-20, soon. I actually have, now that I look, a -lot- of unleveled alts, and I look forward to leveling all of them. 

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