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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My two copper on...My favorite things. And other things.

So why a blog?

I'm tired of having an opinion on things related to Warcraft but not having the appropriate outlet by which to express these opinions. So I made a blog, and I made a twitter to go with the blog. And there you have it, I've hit the peak of trendiness! Ha ha ha!

But why "Two Copper Commentary", you might ask.

It comes from the phrase "that's just my two cents", and there's a Wikipedia entry about it here. But since this is a Warcraft blog, and cents = copper, there you have it.


To kick things off I'm going to make my response to Ardol's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for this week, which iiiissss~

My favorite things. Doesn't have to be Warcraft related, but what the hell, this is a Warcraft blog, might as well...

  • Gnome female voice /emotes, specifically laughing and cheering. SO CUTE. Every time my warlock friend uses them I go "squeeeee!" IRL. My fiancĂ© has since gotten used to this, the first couple times it happened he looked at me like I sprouted a second head. 
  • Raptor mounts. It makes me sad that most of my max-level characters are Alliance and therefore the only raptor I have available to me is a rare drop from Zul'Gurub. Despite the fact that my priest is in love with That Priest who just happens to be a troll...yea. I tried to talk to the raptor handler in Sen'jin Village, but he just screamed like a ninny and summoned some guards. Jerk.
  • Guild chat. Where would we be without it? 
  • The random dungeon finder. I remember the days where the old LFG system would have 15 people sitting in queue for an hour for Heroic Utgarde Keep because no one thought to actually try to construct a group. It seems to me that the new system was Blizzard's answer to leading players to water and dunking their heads underwater until they started drinking or drowned. 
  • Arenas. YES I SAID IT, I like to arena. Am I good at it? Pffft, no. I'm terrible, but damn is it fun. The fact that I arena with aforementioned fiancĂ©, who tends to take things Way Too Seriously, actually increases my amusement value because sometimes when he nerdrages it's hilarious and oh man am I going to hell. 
  • Organized Battlegrounds / World PvP. Because battlegrounds are only fun when you win. Trufax. 
  • CASUAL -inserts massive amounts of emphasis- raiding. I like to think I'm good at this game and I've seen Icecream Citadel's insides, but I really don't want to spend untold hours of time and hundreds of gold on repairs wiping over and over and over again on some ridiculous hardmode. I'm not saying I have much going on outside the game right now ( /pathetic ) but I'd rather spend my time...not staring at the same boss for hours. I have a short attention span. 
  • Being a healer. Although my currently most progressed character as far as ICC goes is a pure DPS class (my hunter), I really enjoy being a healer more. Why? I don't know. I tend to lose track of what I'm doing when I DPS and tanking is completely out of the question, despite my attempts to learn it. I'm currently running as a lowbie warrior tank for That Priest's druid alt since she was so tired of lowbie tanks that just were DOING IT WRONG. So I get to learn warrior tanking from the ground up. This promises to be interesting. 
  • Roleplaying. My main two servers that I play on are Argent Dawn-US and Moon Guard-US. All of my characters on Argent Dawn, with the exception of my Paladin, are Alliance. All of my characters on Moon Guard, with the exception of my Paladin, are Horde. Both of those are Roleplaying servers, even though nowadays the RP for Argent Dawn more stands for Raid Progression.
  • Helping other players. I love making people happy and helping them get where they want to go in the game. That's not to say I throw my gold (as if I ever HAVE any. Bahahahaha!) around freely, but say, if I have some old world herbs and I know someone needs them for leveling alchemy or inscription, I'll give them a portion of my stock. As opposed to scalping them on the Auction House. I'm too nice and therefore always broke. Le sigh. 
And with that, nonexistant readership, I bid thee good day, until the next time I get the urge to blog. Or Tweet. From my phone. TRENDY! 


  1. Welcome to the blogging community. I look forward to many more interesting posts in the future to get stuck into :)

  2. Welcome to the community - saw your quick post on Blog Azeroth. Hope to see more posts from you in the future.

    (I also really agree with you re: raptors and healers <3)