Thursday, November 11, 2010

My two copper on... the pre-expansion blues.

So I've kinda fallen off the planet (blogosphere?) for a while, and more than likely no one reads this blog, so no one knew and therefore no one cared, but for the sake of my ego I shall pretend a great many WoW players missed me and my blog.

So where have I been? I took a small hiatus from WoW, went to BlizzCon (which was amazing by the way), and started playing WoW again and leveling more alts.

More alts?! 

In the words of Ichoron, I will not be contained!


Aside from that various RL problems have been kicking me in the teeth lately (due to roommate friction issues my fiancĂ© and I are moving into our own apartment in 9 days, I haven't found consistent work as of yet, etc.)  and the hundred thousand things I could have posted about in this blog went woooosh~!

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